Due by 11:59pm on December 22nd:

Obligatory: Submit the final paper.

Optional: I strongly encourage you to submit the extra credit quiz.

Assigned November 24th, due December 1st.

Read chapter 9 in the textbook.

Due by 11:59pm on December 5th.

Submit Blog Post #6:

Write either the introduction or methods section of your paper. It should be at least 300 words long.

If you write the intro section, give a good overview of the topic, what other scholars have said about it, and what you aim to explore in your paper. Make reference to the methods you’ll use, even if you don’t go in-depth (e.g. “I will be using a questionnaire to assess…”)

If you write the methods section, be specific about the research method you’ll use. How did you decide upon this method? If you’re using a questionnaire, what questions will you ask? How will you distribute your questionnaire? If you’re doing a literature search, how will you be finding relevant materials?

Assigned November 17th, due November 24th.

Finish reading chapter 8 in the textbook.

Due by 11:59pm on November 28th.

Submit Blog Post #5:

Imagine a Thanksgiving dinner. One guest, (A), brings up a controversial topic, making other guests uncomfortable. How might another guest, (B), make use of Grice’s maxims of conversation to directly or indirectly get the message across to (A) that their contribution is not welcome?

Give an example of what (B) might say, and explain which of Grice’s maxims they are violating and/or following.

Assigned November 10th, due November 17th.

Read chapter 8 in the textbook.

Submit Quiz #4 by 11:59pm on Wednesday, November 17th.

Assigned November 3rd, due November 10th.

Read the rest of chapter 7 in the textbook.

Submit Blog Post 4:

Identify your topic for the final paper. Introduce the topic, say what you’d like to explore about it, mention any sources you plan on using, and any issues you expect might come up. This should be at least 250 words long.

Assigned October 27th, due November 3rd.

Read chapter 7 in the textbook.

Submit Quiz #3 by 11:59pm on Wednesday, November 3rd.

Assigned October 20th, due October 27th.

Review chapter 6 in the textbook.

Submit Blog Post 3:

Write down five pairs of words: 1. simple antonyms, 2. gradable antonyms, 3. reverses, 4. converses, and 5. taxonomic sisters. Do not use pairs that are included in the slides or in the textbook. For each pair, provide at least one type of linguistic evidence (e.g. example sentences) that supports your decision, and explain the relevance of the evidence.

An example for one of these word pairs, based on the last discussion exercise from last night, is provided below.

1. Simple Antonyms
on and off

When simple antonyms are used in an otherwise identical pair of sentences, the sentences will be contradictory: one must be true, and the other false.

a. The light is on.
b. The light is off.

These sentences are contradictory: the light must be either on or off. It cannot be both, and it cannot be neither. Therefore, on and off are simple antonyms.

Assigned October 13th, due October 20th.

Read chapter 6 in the textbook.

Assigned October 6th, due October 13th.

Review chapter 5 in the textbook.

Submit Quiz #2 by 6:30pm on October 13th.

Assigned September 29th, due October 6th.

Read chapter 5 in the textbook.

Submit Blog Post 2:
Write three pairs of sentences that meet the following specifications:
1a entails 1b.
2a presupposes 2b.
3a presupposes 3b.

Identify the presupposition triggers in sentences 2a and 3a.

Do not reuse sentences from the textbook or our slides.

Note that you may find it useful to employ the negation and/or question tests to double-check the relationships between your sentences.

Assigned September 22, due September 29th.

Read the rest of chapter 3 in the textbook.

Submit Quiz #1 by 6:30pm.

Assigned September 1, due September 22.

Read chapter 3 in the textbook.

Submit Blog Post 1:
Identify a pair of expressions that have the same denotation, but different expressive meanings, like those we saw in the last exercise together. For each of these, explain their sense, denotation, and expressive meanings, making clear what they share and where they diverge. Should be approximately 150–200 words.

Assigned August 25, due September 1.

Read chapter 2 in the textbook.

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