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1a entails 1b

1a.  I missed the bus.
1b. I didn’t get on the bus.

2a presupposes 2b

2a. I’m looking for my missing dog.

2b. I have a dog.

The presupposition trigger is “my”.

3a presupposes 3b

3a. Maria knows that Vanessa stole her pink headphones.

3b. Vanessa stole Maria’s pink headphones.

The presupposition trigger is “knows”.

Blog Post 2

  1. a) ‘Leo is younger than Thomas’  entails  b) ‘Thomas is older than Leo’.
  2. a) ‘Brandon forgot to pay his friend back’  presupposes  b) ‘Brandon intended to pay his friend back’.    Presupposition trigger: “forgot”.
  3. a) ‘Nicole stopped hanging out with Lauren’  presupposes  b) ‘Nicole used to hang out with Lauren’.    Presupposition trigger: “stopped”.

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1A entails 1B

1A) The manager fired Mark today.

1B) Mark was fired.


2A Presupposes 2B:

2A) My aunts hair is brown.

2B) You have an aunt.

The presupposition trigger is the possessive phrase “my aunt.”


3A Presupposes 3B:

3A) Mary is sorry that she pushed Mike.

3B) Mary pushed Mike.

The Presupposition trigger is the factive predicate: “Is sorry.”

Post 2

1a. The Bakery was out of ingredients so they couldn’t make any chocolate cupcakes.

1b. The Bakery was out of chocolate cupcakes.

1a entails 1b because if they ran out of ingredients to make chocolate cupcakes then it has to be true that the Bakery was all out of chocolate cupcakes. But if the bakery was all out of the chocolate cupcakes it does not necessarily mean that they ran out of ingredients. The baker could be home sick or they may have just sold out. Maybe they burnt that batch!

2a. Jessica’s girlfriend is very tall

2b. Jessica has a girlfriend

The trigger is the possessive apostrophe -s denoting that this is a girlfriend of Jessica.

3a. Mary stopped smoking cigarettes

3b. Mary used to smoke cigarettes

The trigger is “stopped” because it presupposes that Mary used to smoke.


Blog Post #2

1a entails 1b

Becky crashed the car.

The car was crashed.

2a presupposes 2b 

The worker managed to close the store early.

The store closed early.

The presupposition trigger word is “managed”. It presupposes that the workers wanted to close early.

3a presupposes 3b

If Kelly went to sleep early, she wouldn’t have missed the bus.

Kelly missed the bus.

The presupposition trigger is “If she went to sleep early”. It presupposes that she went to sleep late.

Blog Post 2

1a entails 1b

1a. The leopard gecko ate the cricket.

1b. The cricket is dead.


2a presupposes 2b

2a. Jesse stopped playing Fortnite.

2b. Jesse once played Fortnite.

2a trigger; stopped.

3a presupposes 3b

3a. Togi used to be the best shaman in his clan.

3b. Togi is no longer the best shaman in his clan.

3a trigger; used to be.

Blog Post 2

1a entails 1b

1a. The president was assassinated

1b. The president is dead 


2a presupposes 2b

2a. Sam regretted eating the banana

2b. Sam ate the banana

Sentence 2a presupposes sentence 2b in which the presupposition is that she ate the banana.

The presupposition trigger is regretted.


3a presupposes 3b 

3a. Tyler stopped turning into a werewolf every full moon

3b. Tyler used to turn into a werewolf every full moon

Sentence 3a presupposes sentence 3b in which the presupposition is that Tyler was a werewolf.

The presupposition trigger is stopped.

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